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Karate Ninja Costume Tee

April 16, 2012 on 10:53 pm | In Shirt Designs | No Comments

The ninja myth lives on with the new Body Dreams Apparel Ninja / Karate uniform design t-shirt. Now available at Body Dreams. Get yours now in time for your ninja activities. The shirt features a ninja uniform with a dagger, throwing stars, and nunchucks attached to the black belt.

Ninja are stealth masters and was first introduced in Japan. It was originally a religion practiced by priests. The Ninja’s needed to improve their fighting abilities because they were being harassed by the government. They learned how to fight in order to protect themselves. The wealthy families of Japan soon found the need for ninjas as informants and assassins in order to protect and expand their power.

Karate Ninja Costume Tee

Karate Ninja Costume Tee

Fanny Pack Design T-shirt

April 15, 2012 on 4:18 pm | In Shirt Designs | No Comments

Want to bring back the fanny pack? You can with the new t-shirt design from Body Dreams Apparel. Check out the great shirt that will garner many laughs and bring back some fun memories. The shirt sells for $14.95.

Did you know that the term fanny pack is also known as belly bag, buffalo pouch, waist bag, hip pack, and belt pack. They were called “fanny packs” as they were originally worn in back near the buttocks. Although they were first worn in back, many people wore the fanny pack in front as they did not want thieves stealing their valuables. They were popular in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Fanny Pack Tee

Fanny Pack Tee

Male Dancer Apron design

April 14, 2012 on 10:26 pm | In New Products | 1 Comment

We are proud to introduce a new apron design. It is the exotic male dancer with a black bow tie design. Makes a great gift for Fathers day or just a great gag gift. Measures 19 inches by 29 inches. The apron ties in back and has three front pockets to hold utensils.

Male Dancer apron

New Style T-shirts at Body Dreams Apparel

March 31, 2012 on 11:34 pm | In Shirt Designs | No Comments

Hello All,

Just wanted to update you on the new t-shirt designs at Body Dreams Apparel. These new shirts are great designs and fun to wear. Need a low cost shirt for the night out in Las Vegas? Check out our new black t-shirt with a Las Vegas style necklace printed on the front of the shirt. Looking for an outfit for fun, school play, skit, or any other event; then check out our doctor’s jacket t-shirt. This is funny shirt with great detail. Name tag on the jacket reads “Dr. Love”. We have not forgot about the Irish people out there. We have our new Irish Green vest t-shirt. The graphic is an all green vest with a pocket watch and green carnation. Need a preppy outfit for the summer but don’t want to wear a hot sweater. We have an Argyle style sweater t-shirt. The sweater looks realistic with a bow tie. Finally, we took our famous body dream muscle t-shirt design and created a muscle chest and abs burst t-shirt. The graphic of the muscles gives great detail and looks realistic.

Las Vegas style necklace T-shirt

BD Las Vegas Necklace T-shirt

BD Las Vegas Necklace Close up

Doctors Jacket Costume T-shirt

BD Doctors Jacket Tee

BD Doctors Jacket Tee close up

Irish Green Vest Novelty T-shirt

Irish Vest Tee

Irish Vest Tee

Irish Vest Tee close up

Irish Vest Tee close up

Argyle Sweater Vest T-shirt

Argyle Sweater Tee

Argyle Sweater Tee

Argyle Sweater Tee close up

Argyle Sweater Tee close up

Muscle Chest and Abs Burst T-shirt

Muscle Burst Tee

Muscle Burst Tee

These t-shirts are priced to sell. High quality shirt and detailed designs. Price ranges from $11.95 to $14.95.

Check out the shirts under the category “Novelty Tees”

Pictures of Mardi Gras cover-ups in a Parade.

March 25, 2012 on 1:01 am | In Customer Shirt Pictures | No Comments

Here is group of Body Dreams customers in a Mardi Gras parade. Don’t the cover-ups look great!

Mardi Gras cover-up in a parade

Mardi Gras is a Christian holiday that dates to pagan spring and fertility rites. Mardi Gras is also known as Carnival. The holiday is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is mainly popular with large Roman Catholic populations on the day before the religious season of Lent begins. Mardi Gras is well known for its celebrations in Brazil, Venice and New Orleans.

You can get your Mardi Gras t-shirts at Body Dreams Apparel –

Licensed Cartoon Costume Tees

February 20, 2012 on 12:59 am | In New Products | No Comments

Body Dreams Apparel is selling three style of cartoon costume t-shirts printed on the front of the shirt with a cartoon body. The three styles are Popeye, Snoopy “Joe Cool”, and Charlie Brown. These licensed tee shirts are fun to wear and great for all ages. Check out these Cartoon Costume T-shirts at Body Dreams Apparel.

Licensed Peanuts Costume Tee

Licensed Peanuts Snoopy "Joe Cool" t-shirt

Licensed Popeye T-shirt

Coming Soon – Bikini Design Aprons

February 15, 2012 on 10:55 pm | In New Products | 1 Comment

Coming Soon!

Body Dreams Apparel Bikini Aprons

Check out our website soon as Body Dreams Apparel will soon start its manufacturing of novelty and funny aprons. The initial designs will be our bikini style designs imprinted on the front of the apron. The aprons are 100% polyester with three small pockets at the bottom for holding utensils. The size of the apron is 19″x29″. Ties in back. Wear this apron while cooking and look great in your Body Dreams blue bikini. Makes a great gift. It will soon be time to start grilling.

Aprons will be sold on a wholesale and retail basis.

Check out the bikini design of our blue bikini apron.

Novelty Blue Bikini Apron

Body Dreams Sublimation Printing

February 6, 2012 on 12:26 am | In Shirt Designs | No Comments

Body Dreams Apparel will soon be offering their shirts through a printing process known as dye-sublimation printing. Sublimation printing is using heat dye ink printed on paper to transfer it onto the apparel fabric. Through the heat process, the dye heats to a gas and is imprinted onto the fabric to become color. This process offers full color and detail. The dye is smooth to the touch and becomes part of the fabric.

With the dye-sublimation printing, new designs can be printed easily without the need to set up and burn screens as in the silk screening process. Some new future designs will include:

• Cameo
• Peace Design
• New Floral Designs
• Country flag colors such as France, Australia, Canada, Germany, etc.
• Themed designs
• Name Drops for retailers
• Region specific designs

Designs will also be produced for specific holidays such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. New products will also include novelty aprons and custom rash guards.

Group picture – Matriarchs Weekend

November 6, 2011 on 11:24 am | In Customer Shirt Pictures | No Comments

Body Dreams T-shirts

Here is a group picture of customers wearing many different styles of Body Dreams cover-ups at their weekend event in October for the Matriarchs weekend.

Texas Lone Star Flag Swimsuit Cover-up

August 2, 2011 on 10:47 pm | In Shirt Designs | 1 Comment

One of our most popular styles is the Texas Flag bikini cover-up t-shirt. Texans are very proud of their state and they should be. Our bikini design is of the office state flag of Texas, also referred to as the Lone Star Flag. The colors of the flag represent loyalty, purity, and bravery. The blue and red colors of the Lone Star flag are the same colors used in the United States flag. The five points of the white star represent characteristics of a good citizen, which are fortitude, loyalty, righteousness, prudence, and broadmindedness. In 1845 when Texas was declared the 28th state of the U.S., the Texas state flag was adopted. Texas is the second largest state behind Alaska. Major products are oil and cotton as well as livestock. The state motto is “Friendship”.

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